Some 10,000 cars drive through "Geneseeville" on any given day. Upon entering or leaving town, the vacant Mikatam parking lot is the first or last thing they see.

At the end of a residential street, with high visibility, this empty lot begs to have new life breathed into it. 

In an effort to clean up the space, bring in new business, and spark creativity and community engagement, Firecracker Marketing and Promotions will create Genesee Open Air Market. The market will occur every Saturday, where good weather allows, and will feature local entrepreneurs, businesses, farmers, etc. The space will provide vendors the opportunity to sell their wares. Vendors will be selected with a focus on quality products that have a potential to become a stand alone business.

Since Genesee does not have a traditional downtown, and is home to a major thoroughfare, there is no central place for community gatherings or events. 

The lot will serve as a focal point in the community, designed to accommodate such gatherings and events.  With things like Friday Family Fun nights, car shows, and more, the potential opportunities are endless.

Not only will this be a tremendous asset to the community, in an effort to "Make Genesee Great Again", it will give thru traffic a reason to stop.